Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Life (Just in general)

Life is full of surprises, full of fun and unexpected turns. You can look at life in an optimistic way or be negative about what yours consists of. To have a positive outlook means to live life to the fullest and know that your family and friends care about you. When life takes you down a rode you did not plan for yourself look at it with joy and know that God is in control. Take new experiences and make them a good thing. The least you can do is learn from them. When you get on the freeway in the morning there is a possibility you might get a ticket or get in an accident. Things happen that you would never expect to happen to you. Instead of asking God why? ask him to help you learn from your bad experiences and grow as a person through them. Life consist of deaths, injuries, arguments and bad people. You can take every single bad thing and turn it into a good thing. It is whether you are willing to or not. When I look at m little sister all I can think of is joy. She takes every situation and makes it happy and enjoyable. She loves everybody and wants everybody to get along. She is a direct gift from God, her joyful heart and spirit can brighten up anybodies day. This starts with having a good relationship with God and by knowing he is always there for you and will deliver you in your bad times then you can live a life of peace. Life is complicated but only as complicated as you make it. Do not stress but just give everything up to God. This week is finals and stress came quickly when everything had to be done at the same time. Learning to calm down and rely on God to help me through these stressful times of college has helped. He provides when I need it and he has given me people in my life that keep my positive and happy even in the bad times. The people in your life can make and break your days. God has given me the one person in my life that has never left my side since the day we met. Boyfriends, grandparents and siblings are sent by God to be a big part of your life. Do not regret your life but live it to the fullest and leave am impression on peoples hearts so when your life on earth ends they will remember you in great ways.