Thursday, December 11, 2008

What Newspaper Class Taught Me:)

I have learned so much in my newspaper class this semester. This class makes me want the career of a broadcast journalist way more than I did before I took it. Writing for the newspaper made me see how hard I need to work to reach the goal of achieving the career path I have chosen for myself. I am excited to take the podcasting class that is being offered next semester. The things that I learned in journalism will help me not only now but in the future as well. Professor Maryann Pearson spoke on many issues that I know I will use eventually in my journalism career. When she addressed broadcasting I was very interested in how it is so much different than writing for a newspaper. I was also interested in the powerpoint on social media and how it stated that communication is a big part of the Media today. 
I have grown as a writer and a journalist this semester in various ways. In the past I just wrote what was on my mind and I let it just flow. I was never taught how to write in a specific, professional way. I think the thing that made me grow the most was how to write a great lead. When I read articles the lead is the part of the article that decides whether I am going to read further. As a writer I want readers to read my whole story and be interested and intrigued the whole time, starting with the lead. This newspaper class was a great experience and I hope to learn more about writing and about journalism next semester. 

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