Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How do I feel about the direction Journalism is taking?

How do I feel about the direction Journalism is taking? I feel like it is an inconvenience for journalism college students when they graduate in that the industry is growing smaller. The economy has not helped the Journalism Industry and the path it has taken and continues to take. I think that the federal government should step in and help. I do not think they should be the soul attribute that is sustaining the direction journalism is taking but I personally think they should help. I know its a very controversial topic but i believe it should happen. I think that it is a smart idea that the funding would not be for specific stories but for more broad stuff like news-gathering and long term researching. Funds that matched donations will insure that the money is going to good efforts that involved community support and also individual fundraising efforts. Giving money to organizations that have community support with ensure that the country and politics would most likely support the grants and funds towards the journalism organizations. This would also keep politics out of the decision making for such organizations. The more community support the less disputes from politicians and unhappy communities.
I do not like the fact that newspapers are cutting down and staff is growing smaller. I think that this will change as the economy improves. I do believe thought that with a little extra cash that the newspapers and journalism organizations will last through this difficult time. The United States needs news and needs to know what is going on in there country as well as the world around them.