Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Passion

My passion in life is to strive to meet the many goals and dreams I have for myself. I also have a passion to be content and happy in whatever circumstances God puts me in. I have wonderful people in my life that help me day to day to accomplish the many things i want to do with my life. My amazing boyfriend and my grandparents are the best and support me in the decisions I make as well as encourage me to keep chasing my dreams. I have been cheering for about ten years and I have always wanted to be on a college team as well as continue on as a NFL cheerleader one day. I know it will be hard but I believe with hard work I will one day be there. I love the cheer team at California Baptist and working hard with my team is a great passion of mine as well.It is a sport that requires a lot of endurance, strength and mental strength. My body is always in danger! I love accomplishing new skills and becoming a better cheerleader day by day after every practice. When my mom used to talk to me about becoming a mom one day all I would talk about was becoming a successful woman and obtaining a successful career. A family with kids was never a passion of mine. I am going to school for a reason and I want to strive to become a broadcaster in the journalism industry. It is a very competitive industry and it will take a lot of determination and strength to make it to where I want to be. For as long as I can remember every time I watched the news with my parents, I would tell them that I wanted to be one of those pretty girls on the television. It is something that has been a goal of mine for a very long time. Marriage is one thing that I look forward to in my future. I want to be with the one person I cannot live without for the rest of my life. Another passion of mine is to travel with my husband and visit many beautiful countries and places while I am still young. Everyone has a passion, everyone has dreams and everyone has goals for themselves. I look forward to those that achieve the goals they make, live the dreams they have and strive to keep there passions alive. It takes a lot of effort to make dreams reality but with determination and a will to succeed anyone can. 

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