Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Second Semester in Newspaper

This semester I learned many new things as well as improving in my writing skills. I got to also meet new people especially the girls in my mentoring group. I felt like I was more prepared and academically trained this semester in writing articles. I had a difficult time getting a couple articles done on time because of time issues but in the end I got them in. The article I enjoyed writing the most was my article on the beaches in California. I enjoyed this because I love the beach and I wanted to share with students that they too can go and share in the same experience. With summer coming up I thought it was a great article to put in the newspaper. My plans for writing in the future are to be in the upper level class of newspaper next semester and hopefully improve even more. I enjoyed working with Maryann Pearson once again and she also was very helpful with many assignments I had from my other classes. I want to use my experience and knowledge from this class to one day apply it to my future career in Journalism, Public Relations or Marketing. I had an amazing time writing all of my article and I hope to have an even greater more exciting experience next semester in Newspaper Production. 

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